30 June 2014

Who is Josephine Canonizado?

Josephine Canonizado is the Mutya ng Pilipinas Asia Pacific 2000 titleholder. Mutya ng Pilipinas, Inc. organization promotes "Beauty Tourism" stemming from the motivation and inspiration in promoting tourism, social responsibility, fashion, and beauty pageantry within the greater Asia Pacific with the direct participation of the overseas Filipino communities around the globe.

Jo Canonizado's hometown is listed as Mandaluyong City, NCR. She became a print and TV commercial model. Jopay, as she is also called, made two films, Mananabas with Cesar Montano in 2001 and Hustler with Jacky Woo in 2002.

Little is known about her, one of which is that she later changed her name to Josephine Ortiz. Recently, the name Josephine Canonizado is again abuzz because of it is linked with Bong Revilla. This is not new, because rumors have been around since 2007, where even in the column of Dolly Anne Carvajal on February 15, 2007 titled "Bong Revilla, rumored ex on same flight", she wrote:

BONG REVILLA MAY DENY THIS, but a mutual friend of ours saw him en route to Hong Kong last Friday on the same flight that a rumored ex?beauty queen Josephine Canonizado?took. Ex-es of a feather fly together?

Heard that Josephine Canonizado changed her last name to Ortiz when she was launched as an endorser for a whitening cream along with Daisy Reyes. Their billboard is across Megamall. Since Josephine had earlier been pinpointed as an ex of Bong?s (he is said to have given her a beauty parlor), maybe she wanted to avoid name recall. Is she just playing a name game or playing with fire? 

Although this is an old rumor, recently it is again being talked about. Blind items are going around linking
Bong Revilla to a beauty queen J.
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